Garden Landscaping Dubai

Landscaping Maintenance

Who doesn’t like flowers and greenery around their home? Early morning workouts on the fresh grass?  A cool sunset walk in the garden brings families together. We all agree it is wonderful to have a flowering garden in your backyard, but it can be extremely difficult to uphold it as it requires a lot of maintenance. Hiring a full time gardener can be expensive and time taking, it would be best if you hire professional help. Whitespot provides quality landscaping and gardening service in Dubai.

Regular pruning, trimming and soil cultivation

It is proven that a garden needs constant pruning and trimming to maintain the fresh green look of the leaves, grass and plants. You would require proper tools to perform pruning and trimming alongside the skill set and knowledge on where to cut the plant/grass.

Irrigation system repairing and restoration

Having the right equipment is key when it comes to lush green garden. The most important equipment is the irrigation system that you put in place. In Landscaping Dubai, the usual issues are with the irrigation system as the #1 problem during the summer heat. At 50°C in Dubai, if you set up your irrigation system properly, the weather might destroy your garden.

Pest Control

Ants, spiders, ladybugs are some regular residents of any landscape and most of the time they play a very important role in the eco system of the garden. It is when the population of one or more of these insects increases drastically in numbers, it becomes a damaging factor. Therefore, in this scenario, pest controlling the garden becomes critical.

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