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Green Wall

Green Wall

Landscaping Dubai

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Rejuvenate your garden!

Our landscaping team has worked in the industry for more then 10 years in the UAE on multiple sizes and shapes of gardens.

You can easily schedule a site visit for free and send a quote on the same day. 

Covering all corners

Weather you have a large garden with different raised or on the ground garden beds. It is essential that all your beds are maintained thoroughly.

Fake Grass & Real Grass

Some people like fake grass and some people like real grass in their garden. We can implement your requirements when it comes to your garden. 

Landscaping Maintenance Service

Landscaping & Gardening

  • Maintenance of indoor plants and side cutting, hedge trimming and lawn mowing.
  • Fertilizing the trees, shrubs, grass, flowers and other plants
    Spraying flowerbeds and ground covered lawns with insecticide and pest control as needed.
  • Soil scraping turn over in flowering area
  • Weeding flowerbeds and grass covered areas
  • Inspection and cleaning of droppers and irrigation system regularly to ensure full functionality
  • Maintenance and adjustment of automatic timers, programmer systems and sprinkler systems
  • Seasonal change of flower
  • Swimming pools, water features and wooden garden structures (gazebo, pergolas, flooring, cladding)

Gardening Service Dubai

We provide a specialized garden & landscape maintenance all over Dubai. Our specialized team is certified for gardening, landscaping, installing grass, rejuvenating the garden.

Our process is quick and easy, all you have to do is fill in this form and our team will proceed with confirming a booking for you.

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