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Sofa Cleaning Service in Dubai


Trained and Certified to clean your sofa!

Our sofa cleaning experts are trained and certified by BCI Instructors. Rest assured, you are in good hands when it comes to your sofa cleaning requirements.  

Be it the dust between each upholstery or stains at the foot of the sofa, we have identified specific areas bases on experience and training. 

No more dust mites 

Once you book a sofa cleaning service with us, we will make sure that your sofa is spotless. Our team will perform extensive search and remove process on your sofa.

Fast drying techniques

We use modern fast drying techniques so you dont have to wait too long before you can use your sofa again. The equipment we use are custom made for drying up quickly after a sofa shampooing service. 


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Sofa Shampooing

  • Quality Chemicals: We use technologically advanced chemicals to make sure your sofa looks exactly like you want it to.
  • No leftover marks: Our professional team of sofa cleaners use chemicals and machines which leave over any marks on the sofas.
  • As good as new: Post our sofa shampooing service, you will notice clear difference between how your sofa looked before and how it looks after.

Sofa Deep Cleaning Dubai

We provide a specialized sofa deep cleaning all over Dubai. We use latest technology to deep clean your sofa and upholstery. Our specialized team is certified for sofa deep cleaning service in dubai. 

Our process is quick and easy, all you have to do is fill in this form and our team will proceed with confirming a booking for you.


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