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What We do?

Make pool time fun time again. Get your pool cleaned atleast once a week to make sure your pool is free of algae and bacteria. We provide professional pool cleaning service in dubai. Our pool cleaning company has sucessfully cleaned more then 1000+ over the past year or so. You can be assured that your swimming pool will be algae and bacteria free

Why Choose Whitespot?

Whitespot is a professional pool cleaning company with a specialized team for pool cleaning, maintenance and repair. Our team has cleaned several pools in Dubai and maintained/repair several motors.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning

Below are some of the tasks when it comes to pool cleaning:

  • Regular maintenance and supplying of chemicals
  • Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
  • Maintaining PH and Chlorine levels
  • Monitoring and clearing return inlets
  • Monitoring lighting and electrical controls
  • Monitoring fixtures and wall cleaning
  • Cleaning and backwashing pre-filters
  • Conduct regular microbiological tests of swimming pools

Swimming Pool Maintainence

Broke your filter? Chlorine levels out of balance? Dont worry we have you covered. There are several things that can go wrong when it comes to a swimming pool. We provide a full fledged swimming pool maintainence service in Dubai Hills, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Al Barsha, Damac Hills and other areas.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenace Service Dubai

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